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Published: October 1892.
Translations, see: 1893.04 (English); 1898.24 (German); 1998.03 (partial; English).
RKB 128.
ET: The blurring of the boundaries. Address delivered at the transferal of the rectorship at the Vrije Universiteit on October 20, 1892.

A lecture held at the transferal of the rectorship of the Vrije Universiteit to Prof. A.F. de Savornin Lohman. In the lecture Kuyper contends that the boundaries that God has fixed between the species in creation are being blurred. He then deals with the consequences for scientific practice of the blurring of these boundaries. The argument is developed in three sections. In the first part, Kuyper demonstrates that the blurring of the boundaries is a reality caused above all by pantheism, which has given birth to the theory of evolution. In the second part, he points to the dangers posed by the blurring of the boundaries in creation. In the third part, he indicates how these looming dangers may effectively be warded off. As a counterpoint to evolutionary thinking, Kuyper introduces the concept of palingenesis, which would come to play an important role in his Encyclopedia (1894).

The Annales Academiae follows the address. A note in the annals mentions that with the addition of twenty-two first-year students the total number of students had risen to ninety-seven. Finally, 184 notes (pp. 65–99) have been added to the lecture. The first thirteen notes deal with Friedrich W. Nietzsche (1844–1900). The lecture was published only a few days after it was delivered.