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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Voor een distel een mirt. Geestelijke overdenkingen bij den heiligen Doop, het doen van belijdenis en het toegaan tot het heilig Avondmaal.
Amsterdam, J.A. Wormser [1894] (Amsterdam, P. Groenendijk). VIII, 168 pp., 20cm.—unbd. ƒ0.60 (25 copies ƒ12.50; 50 copies ƒ22.50), bd. ƒ0.90.
Run: 10,000.
Published: March 1894.
Preface dated: Amsterdam, October 1, 1891.
Cheap edition of: 1891.16.
Binding edition, see: 1896.07.
Next printing, see: 1896.21.
Binding, see: 1896.07.
ET, see: 1891.16.

This cheap edition (volksuitgave [popular edition]) was sold with bulk discounts to consistories that planned to distribute copies to confirmands on the occasion of their public confessions. It was originally available only unbound. The preliminary matter is printed on wood-free paper. The edition (smaller type size, set solid, on paper of lesser quality) stood as a model for practically all the cheap editions of Kuyper’s devotional works that Wormser and Kok would publish.

The phrase tweede druk [second printing] was printed on the title page of every cheap edition of other collections that followed, but no copy of Voor een distel een mirt has been located with tweede druk printed on the title page.

Two years later, in De Heraut, no. 957, April 26, 1896, the publisher announced that Voor een distel een mirt would be the first volume of a series of cheap editions (see 1896.07), adding that the “second edition—cheap edition … was just published.” However, apart from the quality of the paper in the preliminary matter, this “edition” is identical to 1894.03 and is very likely the remainder of the large print run of that cheap edition in a new binding.