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Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Amsterdam, [s.n. 1897] (Herdes & Co), 23cm.
Dated: June 7, 1897.
See also: 1940.03 (pp. 135–136), 1987.03 (in facs. on p. 212).
ET: Statement.

A campaign pamphlet (KA 240) printed during the elections of June 1897. In seven points Kuyper defended himself against accusations and fearmongering about the spiritual and material damage that the Dutch Reformed Church would experience, should the Anti-Revolutionary Party be victorious in the upcoming elections. By this stage of the campaign it had apparently become evident that the Christian Historical Electoral Federation could no longer be passed over in silence (cf. 1897.05), since Kuyper was now actively parrying accusations from that camp.

At Kuyper’s request the statement was printed in De Standaard, no. 7747, June 9, 1897, just before the elections. In a postscript Kuyper requested that other Anti-Revolutionary papers also print this statement. After the elections the piece was published in De Heraut, no. 1018, June 27, 1897, and once again (along with a refutation of the criticisms it had elicited) in De Heraut, no. 1031, September 26, 1897.