A revised and updated version of
Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010 by Tjitze Kuipers (2011)

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Ons instinctieve leven. (Overgedrukt uit “De Standaard.”) Uitgave van de Vereeniging “Christelijke Politiek.” VII.
Amsterdam, W. Kirchner [1908]. 38 pp., 25cm.—ƒ0.30; for distribution: 25 copies ƒ5.-
Published: May 1908.
2nd printing, published: June 1908.
Translation (partial; English), see: 1998.03.
Christelijke Politiek. I, VIII, see: 1903.18, 1909.01.
RKB 180.
ET: Our instinctive life. (Offprint from De Standaard.) Published by the association “Christian Politics.” VII.

This brochure reprints three closely connected series of articles from De Standaard dealing with tensions in the Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP). The first series, Ons instinctieve leven [Our instinctive life], was originally published in alternating issues of De Standaard, 37 (1908), no. 11044, March 18, 1908–no. 11050, March 25, 1908. In this series of four articles, Kuyper warns against overemphasizing study and intellectualism within the party. According to Kuyper, the ARP is essentially a party of kleyne luyden [little people], whose instinctive life Kuyper has cultivated, fed, and strengthened through his publications and public actions. If the ARP loses sight of the people’s instinctive life, he cautions, the party will gradually become paralyzed.

The second series, Binnen de grenzen [Within the boundaries], was first published in De Standaard 37 (1908), no. 11054, March 30, 1908 and no. 11056, April 1, 1908. In these two articles Kuyper contends that the instinctive life and the reflective life should respect one another by becoming aware of their respective boundaries.

The third series, Partij-organisatie [Party organization], was originally published in alternating issues (with one exception) of De Standaard 37 (1908), no. 11064, April 10, 1908–no. 11074, April 24, 1908. In these five articles Kuyper describes how the opposition between instinct and reflection is also beginning to dominate the organization of the ARP. He notes, however, that from the outset the organizers and policy-makers of the ARP paid particular attention to promoting unity of purpose within the party. For Kuyper’s other contributions to this series, see 1903.18 and 1909.01.