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Kerkelijke goederen.
[S.l., s.n. 1869.] [4] pp., 29cm.
Published: September 1869.
Dated: Utrecht, September 8, 1869.
Above the heading: No. 2.
See also: 1869.18.
ET: Church property.

Circular letter with inquiry form (no. 3), sent by the Executive Commission of the Central Committee concerning Church Properties, which was authorized by the Assembly of Deputies for the Federation of Consistories (see 1869.10) in Utrecht on July 7, 1869. After October 1, 1869, congregations could acquire the right to free and autonomous management of their properties (cf. 1869.02). The circular makes an urgent appeal to congregations to make use of this right. In 1870.27 Kuyper states that he composed this circular letter.

No. 3 (HUA/NHKU 92) was an added form (bifolium, 22cm.) with twelve questions about the local state of affairs with regard to the free management of church properties. The answers provided on this form would make an important contribution toward the establishment on October 1 of a common board for the promotion of free management.