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Beginsellooze houding van Ministerie en Synode in zake de kerkelijke goederen.
In: De Heraut 20 (1869), no. 42, October 15, 1869.
Dated: Utrecht, October 11, 1869.
De Heraut, see: 1869.16.
(RKB 20.)
ET: Unprincipled conduct of the cabinet and synod with respect to church property.

P.P. van Bosse (1809–1879), the liberal minister of finance and minister pro tempore of the Department of Reformed Worship (the department had been abolished in 1868), had obtained official recognition from the cabinet for the General Council of Oversight, which Kuyper complained was a private council within the church. While the State Council for Administration had been abolished in principle (cf. 1869.02), a private council was now being acknowledged as an official council and being given the power of the former state council (see also 1870.13). According to Kuyper, such a maneuver was unprincipled. Kuyper also made reference in that connection to his article in the Kerkelijk Weekblad (see 1869.20).