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Aan Heeren Deputaten van de Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk, benoemd in haar jongste synode te Kampen, voor de zaak der hereeniging van alle gereformeerde kerken in Nederland.
[S.l., s.n. 1890.] [2] pp., 34cm
Printed: June 1890.
Dated: Leeuwarden, June 1890.
Printed but not published.
Laid paper with watermark Nauta Andreæ and countermark.
ET: To the esteemed deputies of the Christian Reformed Church, appointed at its most recent synod in Kampen for the matter of reunification of all Reformed churches in the Netherlands.

An official letter from the Second Provisional Synod of the Dutch Reformed Churches to the Christian Reformed Advisory Committee on Union (GAA 743). The letter expresses the synod’s regret both that the Christian Reformed Church has not considered the proposed unification of the churches sufficient cause to call a synod and that no news has been received from the advisory committee. The letter proposes that the three forms of unity and the 1619 Church Order of Dordt should be substituted for the draft act of fusion (see 1889.03, 1889.04, and 1891.09) as the basis for future merger discussions between the churches. The letter closes by urging both churches to move forward quickly with the merger. A postscript politely requests that the Advisory Committee on Union send the enclosed 400 copies of the letter to the consistories of the Christian Reformed churches.

Kuyper wrote this letter at the request of the synod (cf. 1890.14, art. 40). The letter was submitted and approved the day after the synod requested it. The synod then decided to send the letter to every consistory in both churches (cf. 1890.14, art. 55).